Fishing on The Dodder

Live bait ?

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September 22nd The heron takes a small fish that appears to be attached to a short line. Presumably used as live bait. The last of the line was quickly  consumed after the fish.

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You may fish from the comfort of the footpath. (With the appropriate fishing permit)
Season tickets and day permits are available from the Kiosk, Orwell Bridge, or from all other angling agents including  South-side Angling, Rory’s Tackle Shop, Gun & Rod Shop and Dun Laoghaire Angling.

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Some clever fishermen’s comforts installed by visitors recently.


The weir in Rathfarnham.


Or the nearby quieter spot on the river bank. You may see the White Egret.

White Egrete
This White Egret only traveled down  to the point where the river starts to run with the main public footpath and roadway.

Or try  the lower Dodder footpath on a typically soft day.


There’s often a friendly expert like Keith to show you how to extract a hook.


Or revive and release your catch to fight another day. Facing upstream just above the weir.

19 May. David deftly revived this nice trout in the net until it splashes away happily

dodder-_otter_vs       kevin_buster_river_dodder_vs

The Otter studies a late evening gathering of photographers from just below the Dodder wall. It moves very slowly so as not to alarm them. Local fisherman Kevin says ‘ if we see the otters we know they’re hunting and it’s their river. We will not compete with the otter’ Quote from Kevin’s talk to RTE Mooney Goes Wild.

Please note. It is with sadness that I inform you that Our Friend and Guardian of the River Kevin Murray passed away after  a short illness on Sunday 18 of June.
Kevin’s funeral will follow 10 am Mass on Friday 23 June at The Church Of The Annunciation Willbrook rd Rathfarnham Dublin 14.  Apparently friends abroad may be able to  follow it on a live feed.


A rainbow over the weir.

Link to Fisheries Scientist Ken Whelan.

The only vandal on the riverbank is the Heron especially when having spotted the ripple of prey it hurls itself splashing ungainly into the river. In the vicinity of the fisherman who is prepared to cast over that very spot.


Certainly seems a messy diver. Will scare the fish for miles around.


The heron’s better at wading to hunt but may find an eel difficult to subdue and swallow.


Down the hatch eventually.


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