Dippers nesting

Dippers nesting in  the  Dodder weir / waterfall.


Early image of the Dipper nest-building within the wall of the weir.


It’s a hard life being a fat grub when the Dipper’s feeding young.


What seems to be an obstruction at the weir tonight .


April 29 Agitated Dipper in what appears to be a felled tree across their dry route  to the nest during a heavy flow. (Dry meaning less wet)


Tonight. The  Dipper going into the weir.


I found an early image of the plucky Dipper heading to go straight through the falls at a similar flood. So I am hopeful.  Or will they become accustomed to the obstruction overnight and squeeze past?

April 30 Great news. I observed the Dippers both very busy today popping into the nest site with loads of juicy maggots. Today is not a good day for the maggots.


Dipper with four maggots above the nest.

Dipper _with_maggots

Entering the weir to feed young. It must be noisy in there.


Apparently Buster sent a young man  from the fishing club to cut some branches away.


The top of the weir almost clear.


2nd May.  How did that  little tree  branch  get there?
Is it a convenient perch for predator ? a marker?

5t May. Dublin Parks and Wild-life dept quickly removed the main felled tree today.



We have a result, One wet little Dipper at the moment prefers a felled tree branch in the shadows of the weir. Can you see the it?


Mum calls to the baby Dipper, she will be busy feeding it for a while.


Mum dipper feeding ever hungry Dipper young on the Dodder Weir. 6 May 2016.

13th  May.

starving _Dipper.jpg

A young Dipper will have to learn to swim as the best food seems to be underwater.


The Dipper’s sharp claws enable it to to grip on to the slippery rocks.